Kong's is the largest pet-centric wholesale and distribution company in Australia. We provide supplies for your fish and aquatic animals, dogs, cats, small animals, birds, and reptiles with an emphasis on improving and enriching your pet's life.

Our head office is based in Sydney Australia where we design and develop our brands marketed globally. With over 10,000+ products under our One brand's (Aqua One, Avi One, Pet One, Pond One, Reptile One & Retail One) sold in 5000+ stores, we hold a lasting belief in forming successful relationships with our retailers and valuable partnerships with our manufacturers. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best products for our customers and their pets.

Our team of passionate animal enthusiasts and specialists drive innovation and development at Kong's. Their passion and knowledge helps ensure that every new product we bring into the market follows the philosophy: that it must be good for animals and makes life easier for the owner. From initial concept development and design to samples of new products our team works through extensive adjustments and improvements to ensure top quality before the manufacture process. Products are specifically designed to comply with safety and electrical standards and regular testing is conducted to ensure all relevant requirements are met and exceeded.

We understand how important it is to continue building well-recognised, strong brands that consumers love and trust. Whether you are a small or large retailer seeking a one-stop supplier for all your major animal species, Kong's is the #1 choice for quality and value pet supplies.

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