Kong’s is a wholesaler and developer of high quality, value for money products to care for your pets, including, fish, dog and cat products, small animals, birds and reptiles. Our head office is based in Sydney Australia and we trademark a number of different ‘One’ brands which are designed, developed and marketed globally.

The five major brands which make up ‘One Brands’ consist of: Aqua OneAvi OnePet OnePond One and Reptile One. In total there are some 3000+ products under these five brands.

One of the key factors that has allowed us to become leaders in our operating markets is the belief we have in forming long lasting, profitable partnerships. Whether it is one of our many manufacturing partners in China, or a pet retailer in Australia, being able to add value and deliver profits long term to all of our partners, is the key principle in the way we conduct business. We also understand how important it is to continue developing and building well recognised strong brands that consumers love and trust.

Our product development and marketing teams are consistently working hard to delivering more value to our customers and partners, whilst continuing to build strong and desirable brands. So whether you are a small or large retailer seeking a one stop supplier for all your major animal groups, Kong’s is the choice for quality and great value for money!

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Mission Statement, Goals & Core Values

The Kong’s mission statement is: “To remain the leading supplier of aquarium and pet wares with a commitment to excellence for our customers where each and every employee takes personal responsibility for customer satisfaction, ensuring growth and profitability”. 

Looking to tomorrow, our goal is for continued growth from ongoing effort from all our employees meeting the needs of our customers and to maintain the highest standards of innovation, quality and service, returning a profit on net assets employed by the company.

Customer satisfaction is the measure of our success and every employee plays his or her part in achieving our desired outcome.

Our “ONE” motto is: “To be number 1 in every market we serve”. Our core values are those principles that guide our organisation forward.

Environmental Responsibility

As brand owners (Aqua One, Avi One, Pet One, Pond One, Reptile One and AquaManta), here at Kong’s we recognise the importance of protecting the environment in all areas of our business.

Our company is of the size where becoming a signatory of the Australia Packaging Covenant (APC) is mandatory. The APC is a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter. It is an agreement between Government, Industry and Community groups to find and fund solutions to address packaging sustainability issues.

Our signatory obligations include adopting the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) and applying these Guidelines to all new packaging and review all existing consumer packaging. The principles of the Guidelines are as follows: 

  • Fit – For – Purpose: Packaging should be designed to meet market and consumer needs, while minimising net impact in a cost-effective way.
  • Resource efficiency: Packaging should be designed to minimise the use of materials and other resources without compromising product quality and safety.
  • Low - Impact Materials: Packaging should be designed to minimise the environmental and social impact of materials and components. Materials should be selected on science and incorporate a whole-of-lifecycle approach.
  • Resource Recovery: Packaging should be designed to maximise its potential for recovery and recycling and to minimise the environmental and social impacts of its disposal.

Therefore our approach when designing new packaging will be to incorporate more sustainable packaging which is more resource efficient. It will also incorporate reviewing existing packaging to eliminate components where possible to reduce the impacts of litter and increase the recovery and recycling. As a member of the APC, our company is also required to contribute financially by paying a fee to the Covenant.

Our action plan has been designed to adhere and report annually on the following KPI’s:

  1. Design Procurement of Packaging - Assessing new packaging against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG).
  2. Onsite recovery systemsfor recycling used packaging, and to also reuse as much packaging as possible.
  3. Policy to buy products made from recycled packaging and other recycled materials, i.e. user friendly initiatives.
  4. Product stewardship i.e. improving the overall environmental performance of the packaging of our brands.
  5. Demonstrate other product stewardship outcomes extending beyond packaging i.e. energy consumption, contributions to environmental funds and participate in community programs.
  6. Reduction in the number of packaging items in litter streamsi.e. by encouraging recycling as much as possible.

This may sound like a lot of work, and it is, requiring ample resources both monetary and non monetary allocated to it in order for us to meet our commitments under the Covenant. It is just another initiative of operating our business responsibility and you the customer knowing that by supporting the Kong’s brand of products, you are also contributing towards a better environment.

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Product Development & Innovation

The Product Development & Marketing team is based at the Sydney head office and collaborates with industry specialists and its regional offices around the world to gather new product ideas and develop new concepts to bring highly innovative products to market. Innovation and product development are driven by a team of very passionate specialists at Kong’s, who are all lover’s of animals and pets, and ensure that any new product which Kong’s brings to market under any of the “One” brands, follow a similar philosophy – which is that it must be good for the animals and makes life easier for the owner. Currently, there are projects underway which are aimed at making electrical products more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With close collaboration between our designers, scientists, consultants and engineers, Kong’s has invested significantly in the area of product development and innovation.

Quality & Testing

There are many stages within Kong’s product development cycle where products are tested by the Kong’s team of specialists and engineers. From the initial concept development and design stage, right through to when initial samples of new products are made. Often, products will go through a large number of fixes and improvements before finally being approved for manufacture. Most importantly however, is that Kong’s products are designed to be compliant with each country’s specific safety & electrical standards and testing is conducted by independent testing organisations to ensure all relevant requirements under law are met, or exceeded.


1991 – Davy’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to Australia where Kong’s Australia began.
1993 – Kong’s first warehouse and office opens in Beverly Hills, NSW.
1995 – Strong growth sees the office and warehouse relocated to Padstow, NSW.
2002 – Kong’s Australia opens its new purpose built warehouse and Head Office in Ingleburn, NSW. After having much experience in the industry, and having built strong relationships through the years, Davy released his own aquatic brand, Aqua One®.
2005 – Pet One® and Avi One® were introduced to the market.
2006 - Pond One® brand launched in the UK and Australia.
2008 – Reptile One® is relaunched in Australia with over 250 new lines of product.
2011 – Kong’s celebrates 20 years in the pet industry. Davy Kong is awarded the Pioneer Award by the PIAA.
2012 – Continued growth sees Kong’s head office relocate to a new office and warehouse space of over 10,000 square metres in Ingleburn, NSW.